Frequently Asked Questions


Who can participate in the GRADE training program?

Doctoral candidates and postdocs that are registered with GRADE. Furthermore, GRADE alumni are welcome to utilize our GRADE services up to 12 months after finishing their doctorate.

How can I register with GRADE?

Find more information on GRADE registration here.

What are the costs involved in workshop participation?

GRADE workshops are free of charge unless it is stated otherwise in the course description.

Where do the workshops take place?

The workshops take place at the GRADE office located in the SKW building at Campus Westend, unless stated otherwise in the course description.

When do the workshops begin?

The starting time is mentioned in the workshop description as well as in the email confirming your participation.

Is preliminary work required before the workshop?

It depends on the workshop and lecturer. Participants are informed ahead of time if preliminary work is required. If this is the case, please prepare the tasks in advance - since this is necessary for our lecturer to prepare the workshop according to your individual needs.

Can I participate without registering?

No. A registration is obligatory even if you decide to participate on short notice. If you are not registered, you cannot attend the workshop.

How do I know which workshops are helpful for me?

At GRADE, you are free to choose the workshops according to your needs and interests. As a first indicator, each workshop description includes its target group – early and advanced doctoral candidates or postdocs – as well as the broad field of study – natural and life sciences or humanities and social sciences. You can also have a look at our recommendation chart or contact us for advice via


How do I register for a workshop?

Please register online at our website. Registration links for each workshop can be found on the corresponding web page. You will need your membership ID for successful registration.

Where can I find my GRADE ID?

You receive your ID with the confirmation of your GRADE registration. If you cannot locate your ID, please contact

What happens after my registration?

We will send you a note which confirms that your registration is valid and binding. Workshop spots are assigned on a "first come-first served" basis. If a workshop is fully booked at the time of your registration, we will put you on a waiting list.

What happens if I am put on the waiting list?

Waiting lists are introduced, if a workshop is fully booked. They are handled on a "first come-first served" basis, too. If a  participant cancels her or his attendance, the top person on the waiting list will be informed, which can be at very short notice.

Why have I been rejected for a workshop?

One reason for not being admitted to a workshop might be that you do not belong to the target group announced in the workshop description. Other reasons could be that you missed a workshop you had signed up for without giving notice or that you are not yet registered with GRADE.


How do I cancel my registration if I am not able to attend the workshop? 

You only can cancel a workshop in urgent cases. For cancellation, please send an email to five working days in advance of the event. In the case of cancellation at a later date, only illness confirmed by a medical certificate submitted within five working days will be accepted as a valid reason.

Why do I have to cancel my participation with at least a week's notice?

An early cancellation enables us to inform candidates on the waiting list in time to join the course. Also, the trainers are able to adjust their content to the exact number of participants.

Can I give my place in the workshop to my colleague if I am prevented from participating on short notice?

No, the allocation of places is exclusively done by GRADE. Candidates who are not registered cannot participate in the workshop.

What happens if I do not attend the workshop without giving notice?

If you are absent without an excuse, we will invoice € 25.-. In addition to the invoice, we might keep you on the waiting list or exclude you from future workshops. Please keep in mind that an unexcused absence implies that another candidate lost the chance to participate in the workshop!


Will I get a certificate for my workshop participation?

Yes, we will issue a certificate listing all workshops you attended at the end of your GRADE activities or at the end of your doctoral project. Please request the certificate at and specify whether you need it in English or German.

How long does it take to issue a certificate?

It takes about one week to issue a certificate. Please consider this when you send us your request.

Can I get a written confirmation of my participation for my employer?

Yes, we can issue you a written confirmation for your employer. Please send your request to