GRADE Initiatives

Doctoral and post-doctoral working groups

Support and Promotion

GRADE supports the development of thematically focused doctoral/post-doctoral working and research groups among its participants with GRADE Initiatives.

A GRADE Initiative is a self-organized working and research group of doctoral and post-doctoral candidates within GRADE. GRADE Initiatives define and organize their field of research on an independent basis. The defined field of research is supposed to be broad enough to cover the dissertation topics of all group members. The group members can conduct research in the same department as well as in an interdisciplinary cooperation with doctoral and post-doctoral candidates from other faculties of the Goethe University.

As a member of a GRADE Initiative, doctoral and post-doctoral candidates have the opportunity to develop network structures and appropriate research, academic, and conference management skills – both within GRADE as well as in cooperation with doctoral and post-doctoral programs and candidates in Germany or abroad.

Establishing a GRADE Initiative

A prerequisite for submitting an application for a GRADE Initiative to GRADE is that a self-organized, thematically focused working group has already been established by a group of doctoral and/or post-doctoral candidates or that this group is already in its foundation phase. There has to be a minimum number of three doctoral and/or post-doctoral candidates who are registered with GRADE in order to establish a GRADE Initiative. The members of a GRADE Initiative may all belong to a single faculty, or they can constitute a group operating on an interdisciplinary level from different faculties at Goethe University. At least half of all GRADE Initiative members have to be registered participants of GRADE as well.

To apply, fill in the application form and provide GRADE with a 1-2 page description of your plans.

Funding Option

GRADE Initiatives are eligible to use the premises and the infrastructure of GRADE, and they can apply to GRADE for funding up to a maximum of € 2,000  p.a. to compensate visiting scholars – invited by their GRADE Initiative – for their travel expenses as well as to pay them a honorarium.

To apply, fill in the appropriate application form and provide GRADE with a 1-2 page description of your plans.