Publication Support

Application ongoing

The Center Sustain can support publication costs upon application, provided the criteria below are met.. Depending on the number of applications received and the funds available, these publication costs may only be partially reimbursed.

Book publications can be funded; in this case, we support the printing costs requested by the author with a maximum of 1000,- €, provided that

  • the book is available in Open Access,
  • has a clear connection to the field of sustainability.

We may fund the publication of a collective volume (decision on a case-by-case basis). 

The following criteria must be met:

  • Open Access
  • related to the topic of sustainability
  • originated from the GRADE Sustain context, with participation of at least 2 working groups
  • a inter-/transdisciplinary topic.

Not eligible for funding:

  • Open access journal papers

Funding opportunities already exist at the GU, see:

  • Open access fees for open access books

Funding opportunities already exist at the GU, see:

Requirements for all mentioned publication funding by GRADE Sustain are:

  • that you are registered at Center Sustain,
  • that it is an Open Access publication,
  • that you have submitted an application to the UB for support of an open access publication,

that you are the first author (in the case of individual publications) or editor/s (in the case of anthologies/thematic volumes/special issues),

  • that you mention GRADE Sustain as support in the Acknowledgements,
  • that you send GRADE Sustain the Open Access Link within 4 weeks after publication.

Applicants are also expected to seek support for publication costs from other sources (research communities, foundations, associations) and to indicate this in the application.  Confirmations or refusals should be submitted accordingly.

See also the university library:

For journals included in the Directory of Open Access Journals, see here: