Frankfurt Prize for Environment and Sustainability

The Frankfurt Prize for Environment and Sustainability is awarded for excellent dissertations in the field of sustainability and environment to graduates of Goethe University.  Bachelor and Master students as well as recent doctoral graduates from the natural and life sciences as well as from the humanities/social sciences can propose their dissertations. The prerequisite is that they deal with issues of ecological sustainability and make a contribution to the scientific understanding of human-environment relations. Since 2020, the prize has been announced by a board of trustees consisting of members of various departments at Goethe University and financed primarily by the GRADE Center Sustain of Goethe University. Since 2023, the prize is awarded during the Academic Ceremony of the Department of Earth Sciences in the summer semester.

Frankfurt Prize for Environment and Sustainability 2024

This year's “Frankfurt Prize for the Environment and Sustainability 2024”, which is endowed with a total of 5,000 euros, goes to five young scientists at Goethe University who were able to impress with their outstanding theses from a wide range of disciplines. With their challenging research work, the award winners address relevant and urgent topics and thus contribute to new, interdisciplinary and innovative solutions. All of the works submitted were of excellent quality and of great importance for sustainability research.
This year's main prize is shared by two scientists: Dr. Pia Eibes from the Department of Geosciences received the prize in recognition of her scientific work in sustainability research with her dissertation “Habitat island biogeography of quartz islands: taxonomic, functional and spatial characteristics of an unusual edaphic island system in South Africa” and Dr. Elisabeth Schemmer from the Department of Law for her dissertation “Climate risks in banking supervisory law”.
Furthermore, the „Förderpreis“ goes to three scientists for their exceptional Master's theses: Bianca Dechent in the Department of Biology for “Impact of crude oil on early sensory organ development in zebrafish”, Lena Große Schute in the Department of Geosciences for “Investigation of exposure to ultrafine particles in the Rhine-Main area with a special focus on airport and road traffic emissions” and Annika Troitzsch in the Department of Social Sciences for “Pollution and Beyond: A Discussion of Social Scientific Engagements with Chemical Bodies and Power Relations”.
The prizes are provided by the GRADE Center Sustain at Goethe University and will be presented during the Academic Ceremony of the Faculty of Earth Sciences.
Presentation of the Frankfurt Prize for Environment and Sustainability 2024 as part of the academic ceremony at Faculty 11/Earth Sciences, Friday, May 15, 2024, with laudatory speakers Prof. Dr. Antje Schlottmann and Prof. Dr. Joachim Curtius (both from faculty 11)

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