Travel Grants

Application Deadlines 2024: April 10, Aug 31

The Center Sustain may, upon request, reimburse travel expenses to support conference travel, travel to workshops, etc.
Depending on the number of travel applications and on the available funds, travel costs may not be fully reimbursed. Should an abstract not yet been accepted by the conference organizers, we will only give a conditional approval of the travel grant.

Requirements are:

  • that you are registered with Center Sustain,
  • that you inform us about other travel grants you have applied for (or will apply) at GRADE Centers and/or other funding bodies,
  • that you actively give a presentation (oral presentation/poster) at conferences,
  • that you apply for travel expenses before the trip,
  • that you - after the journey, within 4 weeks - submit the declaration regarding the travel expenses,
  • that there is a clear reference/connection of the event you wish to attend, and the topic of sustainability.

The maximum funding is:

  • 500,- Euro for conferences/workshops/retreats within Germany
  • 800,- Euro for conferences/workshops within Europe
  • 1.000,- Euro for conferences/workshops outside Europe

Applicants are expected to seek support for travel costs from other sources (research organisations, foundations, associations, societies) and to indicate this in the application.  Confirmations or refusals must be attached accordingly.