Why is studying paleoclimate important? - How ancient rocks help us to understand climate change in the future and why geoscientists and modelers need to team up

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Have you ever wondered where paleoclimate data is coming from?  And what a geoscientist has to do with it?  Or how these data from the past are used to model climate change in the future?

Then come and find out! Dr. Fanni Kelemen and Sandra Huber will give a lecture on their research topics and you quiz them about their work.

Dr. Fanni Kelemen is a meteorologist and postdoc in the Institute for Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences working with climate models to better understand the climate system and past climates. Sandra Huber is a PhD candidate in the Institute for Geosciences looking at paleoclimatic and paleoenvironmental dynamics during the Late Cretaceous (when dinosaurs roamed the world).