Promotion of inter-disciplinary / inter-cultural projects

Deadline: 01. October 2022

GRADE Sustain integrates different disciplines that provide theoretical and methodological contributions to research on sustainable human-environment relations. Inter- and transdisciplinary and inter-cultural research as well as corresponding innovative methodological approaches are of utmost importance in this field, but at the same time they require a particularly high effort. Often it is accompanying projects that can be helpful here (e.g. preparatory workshops, pre-studies, collaborative work in the research field), but sometimes a self-contained project emerges alongside the qualification work.

In order to support the interaction of scientists working on sustainability, especially in the connection of Global North and South, who want to contribute with their work to a scientifically sound, equally nature- and socially compatible handling of current challenges (e.g. loss of biodiversity, climate change, increasing endangerment of ecosystems), GRADE Sustain promotes accordingly inter-disciplinary and inter-culturally designed projects on the overarching topic of sustainability.

The funding provides for a maximum amount of 5.000€ per project. The funds can be used for a wide range of purposes, e.g. for additional support staff, consumables, small equipment, translation services, media access or participation in (online) conferences, provided that the costs incurred are properly justified.

An application with

  • a project description (max. 3 pages, incl. contact details with information on the institute and department as well as the status (doctoral student; postdoc; employed, scholarship holder) and
  • a cost breakdown with justification, and
  • a short statement of the supervisor (a short email is sufficient).

must be submitted to Dr. Brigitte Held by 1.10.2022, preferably by email ( It is a prerequisite that you are registered with GRADE and GRADE Sustain.

Please note:  After completion of the project we need a short report and proof of use of the granted funds.

For further inquiries via mail please contact us at any time:

We are looking forward to your projects!