Award for Best Doctoral Supervision 2016

Awardees 2016

Professor Dr. Dorothea Schulte and Professor Dr. Friedemann Buddensiek
were awarded the prize 2016 for the best doctoral supervision

f.l.t.r.: Dr. S. Küster (GRADE), Prof. Dr. F. Buddensiek, Prof. Dr. Dorothea Schulte, Prof. Maresi Nerad (Laudation), Prof. Dr. V. Mosbrugger (Director GRADE), Andreas Kärcher (Chairman Vereinigung der Akademikerverbände Frankfurt)

On 25 October 2016 the prize for the best doctoral supervision was awarded by the Goethe Graduate Academy (GRADE) for the second time. Prize Winners this year are Professor Dr. Dorothea Schulte from the Medical Science (Faculty 16) and Professor Dr. Friedemann Buddensiek from Philosphy and History (Faculty 8).

The response to GRADE's call for nominiations was hugh. 33 Supervisors from 13 faculties were nominated by their doctoral candidates for the 2016 award for best supervision. Though, the award committee - consisting of the GRADE Academic Advisory Board members - agreed upon the two awardees to be a bit more outstanding in their supervision work, as Prof. Maresi Nerad (Head of the GRADE Academic Advisory Board) underlined in her laudatio.

The determing criteria were academic excellence, the intensive examination of the doctoral candidate's research project, a transparent and reliable communication, the supportive supervision with career planning and financing as well as the willingness to function as a door-opener into the sciene community to the young researchers by supporting conference participation and puclication opportunitties.

The price is endowed with 5,000 Euro and is to support doctoral candidates. It is awarded once a year. Just like in 2015, the price was split between two candidates.
The 'price for best doctoral supervision' was founded and presented by Andreas Kärcher, chairman of the 'Vereinigung der Akademikerverbände Frankfurt'.

During the event two GRADE doctoral candidates were awarded a 'completion scholarship' financed by the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD). Anna Hjalmarsson (FB15 Biological Sciences) and Felix Ntim (FB03 Social Sciences) are very much pleased about this financial support during their final dissertation stage.