Prof. Dr. Ulrich Meyer
Center speaker

Chair of Algorithm Engineering. Research focus on graph algorithms, randomized and deterministical, on different models of computations: RAM, PRAM, Distributed Memory, External Memory.

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Prerequisite for a GRADE CompuMath membership is the registration with GRADE. All PhD students who are registered with GRADE and are accepted by Faculty 12 - Computer Science and Mathematics as well as all postdocs appointed to this faculty are automatically assigned to GRADE CompuMath.


Involved Faculties and Institutions

» Faculty 02 - Economics and Business Administration | Business Informatics and Information Economics
» Faculty 11 - Geosciences and Geography | Atmospheric and Environmental Sciences
» Faculty 12 – Computer Science and Mathematics
» Faculty 13 - Physics | Nuclear Physics
» Faculty 15 - Biological Sciences | Bioinformatics

Graduate Programmes

» Graduate Programme "SElf iNtegrating SYstems for Better Living Evironments" (SENSYBLE)
» Interdisciplinary Graduate Program on E-Learning
» Mathematics Graduate Program
» Computer Science Graduate Program
» Didactics of Mathematics and Computer Science Program
» Frankfurt International Graduate School for Science FIGSS
» DFG SPP 1736 "Algorithms for Big Data"
» DFG SPP 2026 "Geometrie im Unendlichen"
» SPP 2041 "Computational Connectomics"
» DFG FOR 2971 "Algorithms, Dynamics, and Information Flow in Networks"
» DFG SFB 326"Geometrie und Arithmetik uniformisierter Strukturen - GAUS"
» LOEWE Centre for Scientific Computing
» LOEWE Schwerpunkt CMMS - Mehrskalen-Modellierung in den Lebenswissenschaften
» IDEA-Zentrum (DIPF)

Workshop offers of further institutions

» Kolloquium Mathematische Informatik