GRADE CompuMath

Understanding, proving, and computing

Research Focus

Research within GRADE CompuMath Center is around a broad spectrum of topics in computer science and mathematics. It reflects the research interests of the research groups and institutes connected with these fields. Currently, GRADE CompuMath pursues the following special focuses:

  • One special focus of our graduate education lies on the intersection of mathematics and computer science, summarized under the term »mathematical computer science«. This includes areas such as discrete and computational mathematics, logic, random structures, algorithms and complexity, computational algebraic geometry, and symbolic computation.
  • Another special focus lies in the area of computational science and high performance computing. Problem modelling, design, analysis, implementation, simulation, and experimental evaluation of both hardware and algorithms/software for processing large data sets are at the core of this area.
  • Further special focuses include areas such as computer vision, robotics, computational neuroscience, digital humanities, embedded systems, and a spectrum of topics summarized within the terms »Mathematics Graduate Program«, »Computer Science Graduate Program«, and »Didactics of Mathematics and Computer Science Program«.


The aim of the Center is to support graduate research and education in the areas of computer science and mathematics, and related areas. A main challenge for a PhD candidate is to make the important step from understanding the main ideas of the state-of-the-art in a certain research field to develop his or her own new ideas to enhance the field. In this process, we would like to encourage and support the candidates to interact with research groups of neighboring fields, thus gaining an advanced viewpoint of the broader research area. GRADE CompuMath offers seminars, lectures and further specific events to provide a fruitful ground for cutting-edge research. GRADE CompuMath also offers regular specific presentations of or visits to companies and organizations to support PhD candidates and postdocs to develop their own career options inside or outside the university. Finally, Center members can be financially supported; the GRADE Center CompuMath offers reimbursements of conference fees or travel costs.