GPE - History, Philosophy, Anthropology

GRADE Center GPE - History, Philosophy, Anthropology

The GRADE Center GPE - History, Philosophy, Anthropology is part of faculty 08, which comprises the Department of Social and Cultural Anthropology, the Department of Philosophy as well as the Department of History and the Department of History Didactics.

The GRADE Center GPE ties in with well-established structures and instruments for the promotion of young scholars. Particular attention is given to the interdisciplinary cooperation and the networking of young scholars in the faculty (doctoral and postdoctoral students). The GRADE Center GPE integrates a wide range of topics in philosophy, history and anthropology and offers training and support for doctoral candidates and postdocs in the faculty: They can apply for funding...

  • ...of specific research activities depending on subject-specific requirements (visits to archives, field research) in order to improve the quality of their research.
  • finance or subsidise translations and printing costs in order to strengthen their scientific profile and international visibility.
  • ...for disciplinary and interdisciplinary networking, participation in relevant conferences.

In addition, the GRADE Center GPE organizes workshops, e.g. on individually suitable third-party funding formats and knowledge for a successful application. Thus, young researchers receive support in developing their academics profile in the academic world and their ability to develop independently over the long term.