Successful doctorate and research - An interaction on several levels

GRADE is the central research institution of Goethe University and offers multi-disciplinary qualification programs, guidance, and support to researchers during the early stages of their career.

GRADE Support

GRADE Support is our service unit and is the platform for our main offers, e.g. training program, individual coaching, and the language service. GRADE Support is an interdisciplinary unit which offers its services to all those researchers at Goethe University who are in the early stages of their careers, as well as to their academic supervisors.


GRADE Research Units

The GRADE Research Units are responsible for field-specific or interdisciplinary qualification advancement and support of the early career researchers.

The GRADE Research Units can be organized as a GRADE Center, GRADE Initiative, or GRADE Academy.

GRADE Centers

The GRADE Centers reflect key issues of university research in all areas. They provide a research-related environment for all junior researchers, stimulating inter- and transdisciplinary exchange. A main focus lays on special qualification offerings within key research areas. Therefore, the GRADE Centers pool the interdisciplinary expertise in doctoral education for the respective research focus.
Overview GRADE Centers

GRADE Initiatives

Within its service unit, GRADE supports thematically-focused self-organized working groups and research groups among its doctoral and postdoctoral candidates. These GRADE Initiatives define and organize their field of research independently, tailored to their specific interests. GRADE Initiatives provide their members with the opportunity to develop network structures and appropriate academic skills and conference management skills within a group setting.
Overview GRADE Initiatives


GRADE Academies

GRADE Academies are interdisciplinary-oriented and offer various platforms for discussion and communication between the business world, and the general public. In addition, they serve as a source of inspiration when confronting academically and socially relevant challenges. They should act as think tanks especially for those researchers who are in the early stages of their careers.
Overview GRADE Academies

Graduate Programs

Structured graduate programs such as externally funded graduate schools (Research Training Groups of the German Research Foundation, International Max Planck Research Schools, Helmholtz Graduate Schools, Leibnitz Graduate Schools), graduate programs of the faculties or other collaborative research projects, can be clustered within the GRADE Centers or can cooperate with GRADE Support. They are focused on providing disciplinary guidance regarding the doctoral thesis.