GRADE ProPostDoc Humanities (PPD Humanities)

Research Focus

Some research questions exceed the grasp of one single discipline, and some problems only come into view once we transcend the horizon of our individual disciplines. The Frankfurt Humanities Research Centre (FZHG) was founded in 2010 to provide a platform for addressing such questions and for the analysis of joint topics and objects of research from a transdisciplinary angle. Researchers with different approaches to their objects of study, with different methodological backgrounds, and from all areas of the humanities work together in the Centre across currently eight research areas. The connecting elements for their transdisciplinary research are a shared passion for the historical specifics and genealogies of their objects of study and an interest in therein observable long-term patterns and processes. The FZHG provides a space for the development of advanced research designs and approaches to teaching as well as for the advancement of early career researchers. To learn more about our research areas and current research activities of our members, please visit

The GRADE Center ProPostDoc-Humanities (PPD-Humanities), founded in 2018, is organized around the FZHG. It provides an attractive support and funding structure (the PPD-Program) for all Postdocs in the humanities at Goethe University to push their academic careers at this early stage. For more details about the funding program and the steps to apply, please visit Application is possible for all researchers of the humanities at Goethe University holding a PhD who currently work on their next research or book project, are institutionally linked to a humanities department and are a member of the FZHG (for questions of membership, see also below).  


The interdisciplinary GRADE Center PPD-Humanities supports early career researchers (doctoral candiates and postdocs) in their interdisciplinary research and with developing and enhancing their individual qualification for an academic career. This includes the regular lectures and workshop-program of the FZHG, providing researchers of all stages with opportunities to network with distinguished scholars and early career researchers across different disciplines, as well as the support and funding program ProPostDoc (PPD-program) for postdocs.

The funding program consists of eight different support instruments in two modules designed for the needs of humanities scholars pursuing an academic career. Module one convenes funding possibilities which support the writing, publishing or translating of research, thereby enhancing the (international) visibility of Postdocs, while module two provides instruments for networking, conference participation and generating new research projects and funding application.