Prof. Dr. Christof Mandry
Center Speaker

is Professor for Moral Theology and Social Ethics at Goethe University.

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Prof. Dr. Christian Wiese
Center Speaker

holds the Martin-Buber-Chair in Jewish Thought and Philosophy and is the academic speaker of the LOEWE research hub „Religiöse Positionierung: Modalitäten und Konstellationen in Judentum, Christentum und Islam“ (RelPos)

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Corinna Sonntag
Center Coordinator

GRK 1728 "Theologie als Wissenschaft" at faculty 6 of Goethe University.


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PhD Candidates that are registered with GRADE and which projects are excepted at faculty 06 or 07 can become members of the GRADE Center RuTh. A project-focused membership is possible on special request.

Also, early career researchers of cooperating projects and institutes at neigbhoring universities can become associated center members.

Three simple steps to become a member:

Admission to one of Goethe University’s faculties

As a PhD candidate, you have been admitted by one of Goethe University’s faculties. Alternatively, you are affiliated with one of the faculties to work on your habilitation project.

Application to GRADE

You have registered with the “Goethe Research Academy for Early Career Researchers“ (GRADE). When filling out the GRADE registration form you indicated your interest in becoming a member of the GRADE Center RuTh. The registration form is available at our media libary.

Affiliation with GRADE RuTh

GRADE forwards the information on your interest to become a member of the GRADE Center RuTh to us. We will then contact you via e-mail and ask you to fill out a form in which you tell us about the thematic focus of your research project as well as your interests with regard to research contents and methods. If you are registered with GRADE already, please contact the Center RuTh directly.

Cooperations  / Graduate Programs

» GRK 1728 "Theologie als Wissenschaft"
» IPP "Religion in Dialogue"
» Institut für Religionsphilosophische Forschung (IRF)
» LOEWE-Schwerpunkt "Religiöse Positionierung: Modalitäten und Konstellationen in jüdischen, christlichen und islamischen Kontexten (RelPos)"
» "Theologie interkulturell" (Gastprofessor*innen-Programm)