Press Releases 2013

UniReport 01-2013


Are you happy? - Preliminary announcment of the opinion poll for doctoral candidates and their supervisiors.

Bist du glücklich? GRADE startet universitätsweite Umfrage unter Promovierenden und Betreuern.

Frankfurter Rundschau 13.02.2013


Goethe-University prepares a survey for doctoral candidates and their supervisors. The survey aims to get an impression of the needs of doctoral candidates to improve and specify their training.

UniReport 02-2013


Announcement: Survey of doctoral candidates and supervisors starts in April 2013.

UniReport 04-2013


UniReport 05-2013


An interview with two GRADE members talking about the conditions of international doctoral candidates at Goethe-University.

UniReport 06-2013


Article about the Climate KIC PhD Summer School "Transform Frankfurt´s Energy System". The Summer School was located under the roof of European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) and was supported by GRADE by a coaching session and a World Café.