GRADE Initiative "Configurations of Responsibilisation" (CoRe)

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Purpose of the initiative and fundamental questions

The concept of responsibility is equally omnipresent in public media as well as in academic and political discourse. This presence demonstrates the concept’s pivotal role  to understand contemporary phenomena and developments better. Both the contexts in which the term “responsibility” is used and its meanings are constantly multiplying. These dynamics make the key concept of responsibility more difficult to grasp and analyse.

The GRADE Initiative CoRe has set itself the goal of systematically placing the attribution, assumption, averting and bearing of responsibility into the focus of social and cultural science inquiry. In our opinion, it is necessary to work on a broad range of research results from various (sub-)disciplines. In this way, different empirically and theoretically significant dimensions of the concept of responsibility can be made accessible across institutional boundaries; thereby, the concept can be mobilized and operationalized as an inspiration for future research projects. Furthermore, it is our goal to establish a fruitful relationship between the working groups’ members’ current research interests and existing debates through regular and structured exchange. The focus here is primarily on questions of reponsibilisation in the sense of processes of 'responsibility-making'. In this way, a thought collective is to be created at the Goethe University Frankfurt, which, based on common interest concerning the concept of responsibility, will develop a differentiated and dynamic position that can be made fruitful for broader discussions. This position will be actively introduced and further developed in various discussion contexts through participation in and organisation of workshops, conferences, publications and lecture series. In particular the explicitly multidisciplinary composition of the initiative underpins the goal and ensures that the perspective of the CoRe Initiative is broad and at the same time well-founded on different bodies of knowledge.

Meeting & Contact

The GRADE initiative "Configurations of Responsibilisation" meets every four weeks on Wednesdays from 4  to 6 pm (c.t.) in IG 1.455 at the Westend Campus. Interested parties and new members are very welcome. To find out the date for our next meeting, just send a short and informal request to If you have any questions about the content, please also contact Andreas Streinzer.

Members of the GRADE Initiative

Kathrin Eitel, FB 09 - Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology
Title of the dissertation: Cycles. The infrastructure of recyclable waste handling in Phnom Penh. (working title)

Martin Fotta, FB 08 - Faculty of Philosophy and History
Postdoc Member

Ruzana Liburkina, FB 03 - Faculty of Social Sciences
Postdoc Member

Laura Otto, FB 09 - Institute for Cultural Anthropology and European Ethnology
Postdoc Member

Andreas Streinzer, Institute for Social Research
Postdoc Member