GRADE Sport Sciences

GRADE Sport Sciences

Research on sports, exercise, and health in contemporary societies

Research Focus

Sport Sciences are a rapidly growing research field and encompass a multidisciplinary scientific community. It concerns itself with issues in recreational sports, physical education at school as well as in professional and competitive sports. Topics are analyzed under psychological, sociological, medical, motor, and physiological perspectives as well as their related disciplinary methods. The united element is sports as the field of inquiry. Research includes theoretical as well as empirical approaches, ranging from humanities, social to behavioral and natural sciences. These features qualify for further collaboration with other disciplines and GRADE Centers such as Education, Brain, Gender, or Aging.


The multidisciplinary GRADE Center Sport Sciences aims to provide an inspiring scientific community for PhD candidates and postdocs to generate and pursue research questions in Sport Sciences. On a regular basis, renowned scholars are invited to present their research and to discuss current research lines in Sport Sciences with the candidates. Also, in-house workshops and colloquia support candidates methodologically and conceptually, and pick up current issues in science as well as career planning. Candidates are given the opportunity to present and discuss their ongoing research within the GRADE Center Sport Sciences community to foster their research progress and their debating and presenting competencies.