Medical Scientific Education

GRADE Medical Scientific Education

Support program for early career researchers at the medical faculty

Objectives and Support Structures

We, the GRADE Center for Medical Scientific Education, aim to support and promote talented junior medical scientists during their doctoral studies and on their way to habilitation. For this we are already setting the first course in the clinical section of medical studies and are additionally accompanying the doctoral students with a structured curriculum that is specific to their area of expertise. In doing so, we draw on already existing structures and established programs as well as projects of the department, which form the basis for the GRADE Center Medical Scientific Education.

As part of the “Frankfurt Promotions Förderung” we offer:

  • a structured curriculum of the department's own doctoral program, which exists since 2011 and with more than 17 different courses on topics related to doctoral studies, literary criticism, statistics and correct scientific work, plagiarism can come up
  • also part of the “Frankfurter Promotions Förderung” is the doctoral scholarship , which exists since 2010 as a funding instrument for students of medicine / dentistry, which deal in their work with clinical, experimental and theoretical questions of medicine . In a non-event time of at least 6 months, the doctoral students are supported with 600 € per month
  • further project funding for doctoral students ( travel and publication costs , "start up" financing of research projects )
  • Cooperation with the Georg-Speyer-Haus, the Paul-Ehrlich Institute, and the Max-Planck-Institutes for Heart and Lung Research and Brain Research as well as with the German Cancer Consortium (DKTK) and the “Deutsches Zentrum für Herz-Kreislauf-Forschung”
  • With the „Profil Forschung“ for medical students within the clinical section we offer the opportunity to enter specified research classes. Thus students can take their first carrier steps becoming a clinician scientist before graduating.

The profile research includes :

    1. PhD with final presentation of the results in a seminar presentation
    2. FPF doctoral scholarship and participation in the doctoral program
    3. A scientific course offer within the elective subject
    4. Mentoring program

 As part of the “Frankfurter Forschungs Förderung” we offer:

  • a sponsorship model with sponsorships to give young clinicians (dentists) the opportunity to further their basic education and to develop their own research projects for one year (optional for tasks in the clinic).
  • Funding for the establishment of a first own research group with focus on additional qualifications in personnel and financial management as well as third party funding.
  • For (dental) doctors / (dental) female doctors who are permanent interested in a clinical-scientific activity as a "Clinician Scientist", we offer a 50% exemption from health care over 2 years to facilitate the continuation and establishment of research projects in everyday clinical practice.

We also offer:

  • Science Day: "Role Model" lectures during the Science Day.

In addition,selected doctoral candidates can view the results of their doctoral studies in a Science Slam imagine after targeted preparation and support of the GRADE Center Medical Scientific Education.

  • Further support measures include travel funds and publication costs for doctoral students and postdocs, project initiatives and auxiliary hours as supporting