Your way to a doctorate - step 3

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Get started

You have completed the first steps to ensure that the start into your doctorate will be smooth. Now you can begin to work on your doctoral project.

Supporting tools

We recommend that you enter into a Supervision Agreement with your supervisor which spells out the rights and duties that you and your supervisor acknowledge with regard to your mutual cooperation in advancing your doctoral project. The Supervision Agreement is based on the doctoral regulations of the various faculties at Goethe University.
The Supervision Agreement defines the candidate's project and its financing, the intervals of supervisory meetings and the project's duration. During the supervisory meetings the doctoral candidates are expected to present their supervisory team with a progress report, which should comprise recent research findings, the next steps to take and any possible complications hampering the research process. You will find the necessary forms (Supervision Agreement; Meeting Protocol) in the Download Area of this website.

Before starting your research, make sure you are familiar with the fundamental principles of the "Rules of Good Scientific Practice" / "Gute wissenschaftliche Praxis", which are central to the standards of academic work, cooperation and conduct that you are expected to maintain at any time.

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