Your way to a doctorate – Step 1

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Doing your PhD at Goethe University

The formal conditions and regulations for admission as a doctoral candidate at one of the faculties at Goethe University as well as for the final thesis and examination are laid down in the Promotionsordnung (regulations for doctoral degrees) of the respective faculty. A list comprising the doctorate regulations of the different faculties of Goethe University can be found here. More detailed information about completing a doctorate at Goethe University is also provided by the International Office.
Doctoral dissertations are usually written in German or English. In special cases, writing the dissertation in another language may be possible upon written request; please consult the faculty in charge. In general, completing a doctorate should not take longer than five years, which is important for international candidates as residence permits for doctoral students are issued for a maximum of five years. Before starting a doctorate candidates should think about how their doctoral work will be funded. There are different Funding Options besides working as a research assistant at one of the university departments.

Individual (traditional) Doctorate

Doctoral candidates usually pursue a research project under the supervision of a professor. Therefore, in the first instance, the decision of whether an applicant is accepted as a doctoral candidate hinges on the respective professor’s consent to supervise a candidate. After consent has been given and application documents have been submitted the final admission is granted by the faculty’s doctoral committee. In general applications can be submitted throughout the year. The faculties define the standards for doctoral admission with respect to university degree, field of education and a minimum grade and/or other prerequisites, such as language requirements.

Structured Program

In structured programs or Research Training Groups, doctoral candidates are a part of a specialized research unit which usually runs its own training program, including the teaching of research-related skills, subject-specific methods, and workshops designed to enhance candidates’ personal development and professional skills. The International Office provides a list of structured programs and Research Training Groups at Goethe University.

Information about bi-national joint doctorates / Cotutelle de Thèse are available HERE (to be reached within the university network only).

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