GRADE Initiative "Gender Studies"

General goals

We aim to gather PhD students who engage in the fields of research involving Gender, Queer Theory and Intersectionality (and other related fields!). By exchanging ideas and having fruitful discussion, we develop critical perspectives on our respective studies from methodological to theoretical approaches. Furthermore, we support each member throughout the dissertation process, create space to openly discuss their research and establish constructive feedback loops.

Thematic focuses

The initiative Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary research group of junior researchers interested in gender studies in the wide research landscape of political and cultural sciences, migration studies, history, literature as well as social and educational sciences. At the moment, our thematic focus is on a) biographical research and critical men's studies b) women's rights from an ethnographical perspective c) narratives about mental health and d) research ethics from a feminist perspective. 

Working method

The primary focus of the initiative Gender Studies is to organise once-a-month meetings to share theoretical and methodical approaches, to circulate and discuss texts of our own and other researchers and to accompany each other in the process of writing our dissertations. Additionally, we plan theme-centred workshops, guest lectures and weekend retreats.

New members are gladly welcome! Please feel free to email us.

Contact Person

Patricia Glym Coelho de Souza, Contact via Email

Members and working titel of dissertation

Evgenia An
Title: Gendered career-choices of transnational migrants: the case of post-soviet Korea

Beatriz Besen de Oliveira - Faculty 05 Psychology and Sports Sciences

Patricia Glym Coelho de Souza - Faculty 01 Law
Title: A Queer analysis of the concept of Democracy: a definition related with the effective representation of minority groups 

Mami Odoom
Title: The changing effect of gender communicator style in “Rear Window” as compared to “Disturbia”

Mohammad Rokib - Faculty 09 Asian Studies
Title: Polemic of Cyber Literature in Indonesia

Kwaryke Thompson
Titel: Women in Local Governance; Exploring Women Traditional Leaders in ensuring Human Security at the Local Levels in Ghana

Neha Vyas
Titel: Redefining Work: An Interplay between Feminist Economics and Employment Laws towards achieving gender justice in India

Philipp Dominik Keidl - Postdoc member Faculty 10
Area of interest: Historical labour, fandom and toxic masculinity