Program of the last Postdoc Day 2021

1 Dec    10 am – 12 am  

Opening of the Postdoc Days 2021
Welcome address by Vice-President Prof. Dr. Bernhard Brüne

“Mobility during the Postdoc Phase“ - panel discussion
 with Prof. Dr. Iris Bimpli, Prof. Dr. Stefanie Kaiser, Dr. Michael Staack,
and Dr. Marco Tamborini

Elevator pitches of support institutions for ECRs
Hosts: Dr. Sybille Küster, Katharina Welling

     2 pm – 4 pm   "You Cannot Not Communicate When You Want Money"
Strategic communication principles for grant-writing
Hosts: Dania Braun, Dr. Bettina Heiss
2 Dec    1 pm – 2 pm   RMU Emmy Noether Fellows Meeting
Network Meeting, exchange on support options and requirements
Hosts: Dr. Bettina Heiss, Andreas Karg, Katharina Welling
    6 pm – 7 pm   Die Stunde der HAWs
Professuren an Hochschulen für Angewandte Wissenschaften
GAIN Online-Workshop
6 Dec    11 am – 12 am   Johanna Quandt Young Academy at Goethe (JQYA) at a Glance
Information on support lines and participation opportunities
Host: Katharina Welling
7 Dec    11 am – 12 am   Was ist eigentlich... LOEWE Exploration?
Informationen zur Programmlinie und zu anonymisierten Antragsverfahren
Hosts: Jannis Gebken, Dr. Bettina Heiss
8 Dec    6 pm – 8:30 pm   Wissenschaftlerinnen*-Netzwerk
Host: Dr. Astrid Franzke