Social Events


GRADE offers a programme of cultural and historical sites to provide an opportunity for an interdisciplinary exchange. All doctoral candidates and postdocs who are registered with GRADE are invited to participate in our series of different guided tours in and around Frankfurt. After the tours, we gather at a café in a comfortable atmosphere to share experiences and opinions.

In particular, the Social Events serve the aim of bringing international doctoral candidates and postdocs together to exchange experiences from different cultures and interdisciplinary academic fields. Furthermore, international candidates have the chance to apply and improve their German language skills in an informal and comfortable environment.

Our series of Social Events is sponsored by the DAAD. Registration beforehand is required for planning purposes. The registration period depends on the respective event and will be announced on the GRADE website and in an email that will be sent to all GRADE participants when registration opens up.

The Concept

Do you want to know more about the cultural and historical sites of Frankfurt and get better connected with other doctoral candidates and postdocs?

GRADE invites all registered GRADE participants to participate in our Social Events, which may provide the opportunity to meet other international doctoral candidates and postdocs from all the faculties of Goethe University and associated institutes.

During our series of Social Events, we are going to visit a variety of cultural and historical sites within and also near the city of Frankfurt to learn more about German culture, regional habits and the historical importance of the respective sites. The organised tours are not only interesting for international candidates, they are also suitable for German participants who would like to know more about the city of Frankfurt and would like to get in touch with other doctoral candidates and postdocs from Goethe University.

After the official part of the event, all participants are invited to join the group at a café for a free beverage. In a relaxed atmosphere, everybody has the chance to exchange thoughts and opinions and to make new interesting contacts. The common language is English, although international participants may also get the opportunity to apply and improve their German language skills.

Registration beforehand is required for planning and organisational purposes. Registration is open to all GRADE participants at no cost. Please note that there are particular registration periods for every Social Event. More information and relevant dates are available on the GRADE website or in the GRADE workshop brochure. Moreover, approx. four weeks before the event, an invitation will be sent to all GRADE participants via email.


Please note that the allocation of participants is based on the “first come, first served” principle, and for every Social Event, there will be a particular time slot for registration. We will also send an announcement per email with detailed information to all GRADE participants after the registration period has started.

If you would like to recommend a place or a tour for a future Social Event, please do not hesitate to contact us at: