"Good Research Practice during Doctoral Studies"

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Welcome to the eLearning course „Good Research Practice during Doctoral Studies

How should research results be documented? What is the right way to cite? How does one handle image sources? Answers to questions about working correctly are provided in the eLearning course "Good Research Practice During Doctoral Studies" in German and English. GRADE, the (post)graduate academy of Goethe University, has designed this course to be interdisciplinary and has provided a review of additional topics regarding doctoral work: how to wisely plan and organize the research project and which legal aspects, such as in labour law or copyright law, are relevant for doctoral candidates.

Five modules are available, containing comprehensive information, tests to check the knowledge gained as well as supplementary information materials.

You can get an overview by examining the demo course (bottom left) or you can register for full access (bottom right).

Completing all modules takes about 60 minutes. You can interrupt the course at any time, recover your previous progress or repeat modules.

At the end, you will have the possibility to receive a certificate.