Information for Postdocs

If you are working in a Postdoc position at the Goethe University you can benefit form an extensive range of GRADE workshops and services. All postdocs employed by Goethe University or an associated institute are welcome to register for GRADE. With your registration, you are able to use all GRADE services free of charge.

As a registered participant you benefit from:

Participation in the training program for postdocs

Participation in Career Talks

Participation in a Postdoc Peer Group

Participation in social events

Participation in on of the GRADE Academies

Participation in an Initiative

Opportunity for an individual coaching

Early Career Researchers in Focus - Goethe University's postdoc support program Fokus A|B

Opportunity for individual career advice

How to register:

Please fill-in the postdoc registration form and send it back to us via email or postal service.