GRADE Board of Directors

The GRADE Board of Directors decides all organizational and strategic matters. It consists of a University vice president as the Chairperson, two to four representatives of the Graduate Council, four representatives of the Senate, four deans and four representatives of the Conference of Directors.


Prof. Dr. Sabine Andresen
  Vice President of Goethe University
Faculty 04 - Educational Sciences

Council of Doctoral Candidates Representatives

  Iris Arndt
  Faculty 11 - Geosciences/Geography
  Christina König
  Faculty 03 - Social Sciences

  Melanie Lauffenburger
  Faculty 11 - Geosciences/Geography

  Jonathan Vogt
  Faculty 03 - Social Sciences

Representatives of the Senate

Dr. Bettina Hofmann 
  Faculty 03 - Social Sciences
Prof. Dr. Raimond Maurer
  Faculty 02 - Economics and Business
Deputy Chairperson
  Prof. Dr. Sarah Speck
  Faculty 03 - Social Sciences
Dr. Anna Wanka
  Faculty 04 - Educational Sciences

Deans/Faculty Representatives

Prof. Dr. Georg Rümpker
- Dean
  Faculty 11 - Geosciences / Geophysics
Prof. Dr. Christoph Menke
- Dean
  Faculty 08 - Philosophy
Prof. Dr. Sven Klimpel
- Dean
  Faculty 15 - Biological Sciences
Prof. Dr. Christian Wiese
- Vice Dean
  Faculty 06 - Protestant Theology

Conference of Directors

Prof. Dr. Henner Büsching
Speaker GRADE Center for Hadron an Ion Research
Faculty 13 - Physics
Prof. Dr. Esther Rinke
Speaker GRADE Center Language
Faculty 10 - Modern Languages
Dr. Hiwa Asadpour
Representative GRADE Initiatives
Faculty 09 - Linguistics, Cultures, and Arts
Dr. Tristan Stöber
Representative GRADE Initiatives
Frankfurt Institute for Advanced Studies

Advisory members of GRADE Board of Directors

Prof. Dr. Dr. Matthias Lutz-Bachmann
Representative Johanna Quandt Young Academy at Goethe (JQYA)
Faculty 08 - Philosophy and History