Seminar series "Prof over lunch”

What stages have newly appointed professors passed through on their way through the jungle of academic career paths? Which of these stages would also be interesting for me, which compromises would I be prepared to make, and which further ideas might this generate for me?

In general, there are many small building blocks within or outside the academic career path that ultimately lead to a professorship via individual steps. It is therefore all the more interesting to be able to ask professors directly:

  • Why did you become a professor?
  • How did that work out?
  • When did you set your sights on a professorship?
  • Which steps in your life were important for your appointment?
  • Were there any major doubts, low points or high points?
  • How did the research interest develop?
  • How was the career path personally mastered? And was there a back-up plan?

GRADE is launching a new series of seminars where you can gain insights into the career paths of recently appointed professors. These insights are designed to help you question and consider your own career goals, decide on your own career path, and can encourage you to evaluate that path for yourself.

During the lunch break from 12:00 to 1:00 p.m.


For whom?
All postdocs and advanced scientists registered at GRADE are invited.

The event is intended for postdocs and advanced scientists after their PhD.

Currently scheduled events will be announced here.

Please register early for the respective seminars, as the number of participants is limited to 10.

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